Private or Semi-Private Appointments

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Private or Semi-Private Appointments

Our private and semi-private Studio Pilates sessions involve the use of specialised Pilates equipment to tailor a program specifically suited to your body and goals. If you are looking for accelerated results and personalised programs then Private sessions are a great option for you.

If you have been referred by your doctor, physiotherapist or other allied health professional then private appointments are the best place to start. We will assess how your body moves and screen any injuries or conditions your may have to develop a program to suit your needs. If we come across anything outside our scope of practice we will refer you on to the relevant practitioners we recommend.

We require all clients to undergo an Initial Consultation (IC) where your instructor can gather all the information they need to develop your program. After your IC you may choose to continue with your Studio Pilates sessions in either private or semi-private sessions.

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