Healthy Movement

Movement is awesome and should be enjoyed!! We value confidence in movement and celebrate that every body is different. Healthy movement to us means learning about your body, gaining body awareness, growing in strength & confidence regardless of age, injury or fitness level. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to help our clients achieve this.


Our beautiful Breathe Family is so special to us and are the driving force behind everything we do here. It is so important to us to create a space where everyone feels welcome. We keep our class sizes small to ensure we provide the highest level of care at all times. Join our studio and you’re joining our big Pilates Family.

Client Care

We are invested in our client’s health and wellbeing. Our team of highly respected, qualified and professional instructors will work alongside you to help reach your movement goals. We celebrate every win & are there for you when you need a little encouragement or pick me up. Our goal is to help you move towards being a happier & healthier you!


Pilates is our passion and we love nothing more then watching the improvements happen in each individual. Seeing ranges of movement, control and quality of movement all improve is what makes our hearts sing!


Our intention is always to provide a high quality experience to everyone who walks through our door. From our facilities to our instructors to the way we greet you as you walk through the door our mission is to provide our clients with an environment where they feel safe, valued and cared for.

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