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Chloe Bertolami
Studio Director
Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction
Barre Attack Certified

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I started my Diploma with the goal of opening my own studio. I wanted to create a safe and welcoming environment where clients can spend an hour focussing on their own health and wellbeing. I have surrounded myself with the best Pilates instructors with additional qualifications in the health and wellness field to ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality Pilates Experience in Perth.

Since completing my Diploma I have attended many workshops and professional development courses, some of my favourites being ‘Heal the Hip’ Workshop with Katrina Edwards and the ‘Pilates Programming for Pregnancy’ with Elizabeth Wilson. One of my main goals as an instructor is to constantly develop my knowledge of the Pilates Method.

I have been consistently practising Pilates for over 8 years eventually taking the plunge and completing my Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction to become a Pilates Instructor. I am also a certified Barre Attack Instructor, one of the leading Barre programs in Australia.

I have had always had a passion for health and fitness. I grew up doing Calisthenics and Acrobatics as well as trying many other sports and fitness styles. I went along to a Pilates class with a friend and instantly fell in love!! Coming from a dancing background I love the fluid and strong movements Pilates creates as well as the results of a stronger and more flexible body. I have seen many positive changes in my body over the years and I want all of my clients to experience the difference Pilates can make to your overall health – both mental and physical!!

One of my favourite things about Pilates is that is a workout for not only the body but also the mind. We have classes available to suit all ages and levels of fitness. One of the best things about coming to Breathe Pilates Studio is the warm and friendly feeling you experience as soon as you enter the front door. We love to have a chat before and after class so why not come along and give it a go.. Hope to see you soon

Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction
BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy
Diploma in Remedial Massage
Matwork Series Certification with the APPI
(Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute)

Hi all, I am so happy to be part of the Breathe Pilates Studio family. I find the studio just so friendly and welcoming. I always leave after sessions feeling on a high with the positive energy that oozes from the place!

I have a special interest in sports working within the field of sports massage for 11 years at local, National and International levels, and competed for most of my life, (maybe a little less competing nowadays and a little more social!). It was this love of sports and sports injury/therapy that made me gravitate to the awesome powers of Pilates!

Starting as a client with Body Logic in 2010 attending a runners specific Pilates circuit group, I went on to study a Matwork Certification Series of Clinical Pilates with the APPI in 2014, continuing on to complete the Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction in early 2016. Since this time I attend as many workshops as my schedule will allow, many with Polestar Pilates including Pilates for Rotational Splits, Neuro Rehabilitation and Pilates, Getting into the splits, Pilates programming for Pregnancy to name a few, with many more on the hit list. (The Breathe family are particularly looking forward to attending the PAA (Pilates Alliance Australasia) Conference in Sydney Sept. 2017!)

As mentioned above, I particularly enjoy sports and began my journey in 2002 when I started my Degree in Sports Therapy. Having sustained a bad injury to my right shoulder, where the collar bone no longer attaches to its joint with the scapula, I have seen vast improvements in my functional range of motion, and pain perception thanks to Pilates, particularly some of those early 1:1 sessions. Also as a runner, I needed something else, low impact to balance my body, again Pilates has been amazing in providing that balance, even increasing my efficiency in running!

I, as all of the Breathe family, have a passion in health and wellbeing, hoping to help as many as possible to feel the awesome benefits of improved functionality and mobility through Pilates. “Motion is Lotion, Rest is Rust” is a favourite phrase. And if your having any injury concerns, I’m happy to chat with you about management through treatment and pilates modifications.

See you in the studio,
Vic xx

Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction

I was drawn to the Pilates method after spending my teen years as a dancer, upon completion of my Certificate 2 in Dance at WAAPA (whilst completing high school) I was looking for an exercise system that satisfied my need for a challenge, personal growth and discipline. I practiced Pilates for several years before finally taking the leap to become an Instructor, so that I could hopefully pass on the joy the method has bought into my life.

Outside of the Breathe studio I am a Dressmaker by trade, completing my Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Textiles in 2012 I have been specialising in Bridal for 3years now. Needless to say I enjoy a good challenge. I love creating beautiful gowns for the special days in people lives, my favourite part after seeing the gowns come together at my fingertips is of course receiving the photographs of the brides on their wedding day’s looking their absolute best and glowing with happiness.

Exercise and Health Science (UWA)
Exercise Rehabilitation (ECU)
Diploma in Pilates instruction (PFI)

Sarah first found her love for fitness at a young age when she developed a passion for dancing. Sarah first tried her hand at Pilates by attacking the Barre claaes around Perth and fell in love with the method of Pilates she immediately signed up for more classes from Mattwork to Reformer and has never looked back.

During her final year of study to become an Accredited Exercise Physiologies Sarah decided to join the two together and completed her Diploma in Pilates instruction and now holds a degree in both Exercise and Health Science (UWA) and Exercise Rehabilitation (ECU), as well as a qualified Pilates Instructor in Pilates Instruction from Pilates Fitness Institute.

Sarah loves to keep fit. In her own time you can see her down at the studio in various classes but her favourite thing to do is trying her hand out on the Wanda Chair. Sarah is still dancing and says she will only give that up when she is old and frail.
Sarah integrates her knowledge of the Pilates method. Exercise Physiology and Dance into each session to ensure the client receives a well rounded, comprehensive exercise experience.

Diploma in Pilates Instruction
Boxilates Certified

I found pilates a couple of years ago, I was practicing yoga and was struggling with holding my inversions, so I decided to try pilates to gain more core strength and haven’t looked back. I fell in love instantly with the control, balance and flexibility I gained and of course that core strength that my body had been craving! I gained a deeper awareness of my body and how I moved (I could swear I’ve grown taller!)

I became fascinated with the anatomy and science behind Pilates and yearned to help others benefit from the correct movement habits gained from Pilates. So I decided to undertake my Pilates Instructor training, it was the best decision I could have made, now I get to go to work and share my passion with others and hopefully help others the way Pilates helped me. Since my instructor training I have also completed my Boxilates Instructor training which I love to teach. It’s great to have an intense boxing workout balanced out with pilates matwork all in one class. I believe even as a teacher you never stop learning so I love to attend classes and workshops to further my education and training, I balance out my weekly repertoire with a mixture of reformer, mat, boxilates and yoga classes. My favourite pilates exercise would have to be a killer abdominal series either on the reformer or mat, and of course what got me here…headstands and handstands!

See you on the mat!

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Class Packages