Group Classes

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Pilates Matwork Classes

Pilates Matwork classes are non-impact full body workouts that are programmed to cater for all ability levels. Classes are designed with a focus on strengthening the core as well as toning for the legs, butt and arms, increasing spinal mobility and flexibility.
The Pilates Matwork exercises are challenging, dynamic and executed with continuous pace using your own body weight as resistance. Small apparatus such as toning balls, magic circle, fit ball, therabands, foam roller and the pilates ball are added for variety, to increase challenge or for assistance.
Whether your goal is to increase strength, relieve back pain or improve posture you will love what our Pilates Matwork classes can do for you!

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Reformer Pilates

Reformers are the ‘Pilates machines’ designed with springs and pulleys to provide variable resistance to both assist and challenge the body. The Pilates Reformer is unique and one of a kind suitable for all levels of ability.
Some of the benefits you may experience from our Reformer classes include

  • Long, lean muscle toneImproved flexibility
  • Postural correction
  • Strengthened core
  • Improved pelvic floor function
  • Improved balance, coordination and body awareness

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A dynamic fusion of Pilates, Ballet and Fitness all set to energetic music. It’s a total body workout using the principles of Pilates and the classic Ballet Barre to attack those dreaded problem areas – legs, butt, thighs and arms! Barre attack classes will improve your posture, flexibility and fitness whilst sculpting your whole body.
No previous Ballet or Pilates experience is required just a readiness to work hard and have fun!

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Teen Fitness

13-17 yrs
Teen Pilates classes aim to encourage a healthy attitude towards exercise and movement as well as healthy body awareness. Participants will learn to know their bodies very well. Pilates is highly recommended as excellent functional training to compliment other activities and sport.
Classes are specifically designed to target posture, alignment, core strength, balance and flexibility. Teen Pilates addresses the entire body with an emphasis on function for overall health.

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Boxilates is a combination of Boxing and Pilates to create the ultimate total body fat burning workout! This high intensity workout aims to improve your overall cardiovascular fitness while strengthening your entire body with an increased focus on your core. Each class is set to music beginning with a warm up before moving into a high energy boxing workout to get the heart rate pumping and finishing off with body sculpting Pilates Matwork exercises, making it a calorie blasting workout!
Combining the strength and power of boxing with the flexibility and whole body sculpting of Pilates this is a workout you won’t forget.

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