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What is Pilates and its Benefits

Pilates is an exercise system designed specifically to stretch and strengthen the entire body whilst simultaneously calming the mind. Developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century and used during the First World War to improve the rehabilitation programme and assist soldiers in their recovery and maintaining their health by strengthening, stretching and stabilising the body.

Joe believed that mental and physical health are fundamental to one another employing the 7 Principles in every workout – alignment, centring, concentration, control, precision, breathing and flowing movement creating a holistic approach to body conditioning.

Pilates will not only build strength, flexibility and lean muscle but align the spine as well. There is a predominant focus on the ‘core’ and its intrinsic muscles – Transverse Abdominis, Pelvic Floor and Multifidus – muscles which are often overlooked in other forms of exercise but are essential to postural awareness and alignment.

Due to its focus on the core and functional movement patterns Pilates has become very popular in rehabilitation and is recommended by physiotherapists, chiropractors and medical practitioners alike.

Key Benefits

‌ Improved posture
‌ Increased flexibility and mobility
‌ Increased core strength, stability, balance and coordination
‌ Reduced stress and tension through the use of breath patterns and fluid movement
‌ Aids in alleviation of back pain
‌ Promotes spinal health by strengthening the deep muscles of the spine
‌ Develop long, lean muscles
‌ Heightened body awareness
‌ Improved pelvic floor function

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